I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the KC team working at both the Brisbane gym as well as leading mobile sessions across the Sunshine Coast for over 4 yrs now. Prior to this, I had some fun working on the other side of the fence as a professional athlete in both rugby league as well as track & field. With experience on both sides of the industry since I was a child & now going on 5+ years of coaching clients/athletes, I just quite simply live and breath human movement, to say it’s my passion would be an undersell.

I’ve undertaken a multitude of courses & workshops in order to attain the degrees & knowledge to best enable me help my clients achieve results. Most notable industry standards being my cert 3+4 in fitness & Bachelors degree in Sport & Exercise science. This has helped place me in a position to effectively work with clients/athletes ranging from injury pre & rehabilitation, body composition (weight loss or gain) as well as athletic sports performance.

Ultimately, my goal is to simply help you become the best version of yourself so that you can live your life to your highest quality. To me, creating an environment & culture that you want to be a part of, is everything!