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The different types of massage

Swedish Massage – A full-body massage utilising a combination of long, flowing strokes, kneading and tapping to provide a gentle and relaxing massage therapy treatment. Variants of this massage technique include a seated version.

Deep Tissue Massage – Utilises greater pressure to permeate deeper levels of tissues with the aim of relieving tension or pain. It can be considered uncomfortable by many and while some people enjoy the added pressure, it’s important to remember that it’s not necessary or required to experience benefits from a massage.


Trigger Point Therapy – This common therapy involves identifying regions in the body that are tender and addressing them through multiple massage techniques. While it would appear that this is an accepted theory, there is still question as to what these tender points really are. Their existence is not disputed, but an effective means of identifying them has yet to be found. Either way, massage treatment can have beneficial outcomes and many people find it helpful to include in their management plan.

Sports Massage – Can combine a combination of above massage techniques to achieve a performance-based goal such as promoting recovery, relieving discomfort and/or restoring or maintaining joint mobility.