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Welcome to our Stafford gym! Physical Addiction Health & Fitness

One of the many benefits of training with us at KineticsCorrect, is training in our facility at Physical Addiction Health and Fitness in Stafford. It is a local, non-big box gym that encourages a community atmosphere. The gym offers multiple spaces with different purposes to allow a comfortable environment for everyone.

An advantage to training with a KineticsCorrect professional, is the semi-private personal training room. This part of the gym is dedication to people during their personal one on one sessions. While you are not limited to this room, it is equipped with multiple squat racks, benches, a double cable machine and all the needed free weights, bands and tools to assist in a workout. The second semi-private room is an ideal area for a free weight, female friendly or Pilates style workout. Inside this room has a plated leg press, seated row and lat pull down along with dumbbells, kettlebells and tools to assist with stretch and recovery.

Upstairs is where all the cardio fitness fun happens. Treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, row machines and boxing bags to get that heart rate up. This second level looks down over the large group fitness room that the members use for fitness, Pilates, Yoga and even Zumba classes. Attached to the cardio zone, is the fully outfitted main gym. This is where all of the muscle gains are made.

Including pin loaded, plate loaded, Olympic bars, squat racks, benches and free weights. If you need a cool down after the hard work, there is even a fitness pool. Great for aqua aerobics, water rehab and recovery.

Having multiple workout zones is a great way to keep the sessions interesting and for you to find a space in the gym to suit your workout and mood for that day.

KineticsCorrect clients do not need a membership when they are training with us. If they do however wish to continue their programme outside of their session, discounted memberships are offered. You can book your free KineticsCorrect consult right here to speak to our trained professionals for more information.